225 Exhibits and over 90 Workshops included in weekend expo admission.

Sunday Workshop Schedule

Over 90 workshops are included in your $15 Weekend Admission to the Natural Living Expo!
Expo Hours: Saturday, November 10 • 9am-6pm and Sunday, November 11 • 10am-5pm
All workshops are held in the hotel and are 50 minutes unless noted otherwise.
Keynote events require an additional ticket, see all Keynote Workshops Here

  • Sunday, 9:15AM

    Ticket Sales Begin

    Registration Booth in the Exhibit Hall 

    Pick up tickets ordered in advance and purchase general admission and keynote tickets. First 200 people in line receive a free Kripalu gift bag.

  • Sunday, 10:00AM

    Exhibit Hall Opens

    Use the complimentary coat check in the registration area. Donations accepted to benefit Maya Midwifery International, booth #77-78.

  • Sunday, 10:30AM - 11:20AM

    Prevent and Treat Colds and Flu Naturally

    Salon A • Begabati Lennihan

    How do hundreds of people survive a New England winter without a single cold or flu? Learn their secrets — easily available, inexpensive, yet little-known homeopathic medicines and a simple protocol for using them. In addition, discover fast-acting and effective remedies, plus some lesser-known herbs and supplements.

    Begabati Lennihan, RN, CCH, is a longtime practicing Certified Classical Homeopath, author of several homeopathy books, a registered nurse, and former natural food store owner. Her mission is to empower people to use holistic healing for home care and reduce the dependence on drugs. Visit booth #9.
  • Sunday, 10:30AM - 11:20AM

    Health Benefits of Honey, Beeswax and Products From the Hive

    Salon B • Anita Deeley

    Honey and other bee products have been used since ancient times for a variety of ailments. Beeswax's unique properties make it perfect for skin care products and cause it to purify the air when burned. Learn about the health benefits of honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and, yes, even the sting of bee venom.

    Anita Deeley is the founder and head beekeeper at Beverly Bees, a beekeeping and removal company in Beverly, MA. Her bees and beekeeping have been featured in American Bee Journal, Hobby Farms and Grit Magazine. Visit booth #604.
  • Sunday, 10:30AM - 11:20AM

    Full Wings Ahead: Incorporating Angels Into Daily Living

    Salon C • Christine Alexandria

    Learn whom to call on regarding any scenario in your life — protection, healing, love. Share in a simple, sacred energy cord cutting ritual that will inspire and empower you, and close with a unique, healing guided meditation.

    Christine Alexandria is a highly sought after angel intuitive, award-winning inspirational author and founder of Angel Chatter™. She also designs angelic medallions and offers an aromatherapy line and other sacred tools. Her most recent book, Angel Chatter…Heavenly Guidance and Earthly Practices is now available. Visit booth #612.

  • Sunday, 10:30AM - 11:20AM

    Instant Pain Elimination

    Marlborough Room • Ming Wu

    Experience how tui na and qigong healing are effective for headaches, neck pain, bursitis, fibromyalgia, back pain, herniated disk, knee problems, bone spurs and more.

    Ming Wu, Ph.D., is a healer and doctor of Chinese medicine who has studied qigong and tai chi since 1972. He is the director of Wu Healing Centers in W. Hartford, CT and Maynard, MA. Visit booth #1012.

  • Sunday, 11:00AM - 1:00PM

    Bridging Two Realms: Learning to Communicate with the Other Side

    Salon D — 2 Hours ($50 Keynote Ticket Required) • John Holland

    Each and every one of us can have a connection with our loved ones who have passed. Learn how the mechanics of your psychic abilities work as famed psychic medium John Holland shares what spirit signs he looks for, but more importantly, how he interprets those signs and how spirit knows how to tap into his database. John will end with a demonstration of his mediumship and give messages to some of the participants. Read more on this special keynote event here

    John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, author, and radio host. His public demonstrations provide audiences with a rare glimpse into the fascinating subject of mediumship, which he delivers in his own unique style with the utmost integrity.

  • Sunday, 11:00AM - 11:50AM

    Organic Cannabis Topicals: How Do They Work?

    Sterling Room • Laura Beohner

    Discover how cannabinoids and hemp interact with our bodies as topically applied products. They do not enter the bloodstream and do not produce any type of psychoactive high. Learn about topically applied herbs and essential oils, as well as a super easy recipe to make your own salve at home.

    Laura Beohner is the president of The Healing Rose Company, an all-organic body care company that uses hemp-derived CBD in all of its products. She is a passionate cannabis advocate and patient, having experienced its healing capabilities first hand. Visit booth #717.

  • Sunday, 11:00AM - 11:50AM

    The Brain-Gut Connection: How the Microbiome Affects Behavior

    Duchess Room • Margo Roman, DVM

    Microbiome Restorative Therapy (MBRT or fecal transplants) is being used to boost the immune system and address gut health issues in both humans and pets, but there is also evidence of a link to mental health and behavior, as the behavior of the donor is seen in the recipient after receiving the transplant.

    A pioneer of integrative veterinary medicine, Margo Roman, DVM, operates M.A.S.H animal clinic in Hopkinton, MA, and has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1978, lecturing both nationally and internationally on cutting edge veterinary medicine. Visit booth #202.

  • Sunday, 11:00AM - 11:50AM

    Evolving Into Your Crystalline Light Body

    Princess Room • Cheryl Banfield

    Discover new light centers (illuminas) in your energy field that allow you to live in the light of your spirit. Learn a simple meditation to expand your awareness, develop your gifts, and experience the divine you in your light. Raise your vibration to radiate more of your divine light.

    Cheryl Banfield is an intuitive energy healer, medium and director at The LoveLight Center in Wells, Maine. She channels a new healing system from Mother Mary, Jesus and several Archangels called LoveLight Illuminations and was guided to create a retreat center for divine experiences. Visit booth #1003.

  • Sunday, 11:00AM - 11:50AM

    The Way to Realize Unlimited Happiness

    Seminar Room • Randa Sununu

    Discover the Western-born spiritual master, Adi Da Samraj, and the radical Reality-Way of Adidam that he teaches — a spiritual practice for all those "who would embrace a life based on heart-breaking Freedom." Video footage of him will be shown, along with stories about him that illustrate his offering of unlimited happiness.

    Randa Sununu became a devotee of Adi Da Samraj in 1984 after studying previously with two Zen masters. She has interacted with him many times and has given numerous presentations about him over the past decade. Visit booth #16-17.

  • Sunday, 11:30AM - 12:20PM

    Crystal Healing: Practical Applications You Can Use Today

    Salon A • Kyle Russell

    Learn how to actually use crystals in your day-to-day life, especially for wellness and healing illness. Enjoy a relaxing meditation, then explore specific stones and applications in-depth, with special attention paid to case studies from the audience.

    Kyle Russell experienced a major download in 1987, after which he became geo-sentient — able to pick up on the energy of stones and their correspondences to the human body, mind and spirit. Through his paradigm called Crystal Concentrics, Russell teaches what he knows at the Portal Crystal Gallery in Arlington, MA. Visit booths #1114 & 1116.

  • Sunday, 11:30AM - 12:20PM

    Your Amazing Aura

    Salon B • Helen Chin Lui

    We continuously process what we see, feel and sense through our aura. Your aura is your first line of energy defense, informing you when negativity is present and protecting your chakras. Learn helpful tips to keep your energy uplifted and flowing consistently.

    Helen Chin Lui is a certified reflexologist, energy medicine practitioner, and Usui Reiki master, practitioner and teacher. She is the owner of the Healing Place, LLC, and the Healing Place Energy School in Medfield, MA, and specializes in helping clients find long-term, natural relief from chronic digestive problems, pain and hormone imbalance. Visit booth #402.

  • Sunday, 11:30AM - 12:20PM

    Chi Reactivation Power Up Trance Meditation

    Salon C • Holly Eden Morrow

    Come learn the Power Up Technique to elevate your meditation practice exponentially. Experience a group chi reactivation after a chakra tone clearing with a Pythagorean tone generator. This trance experience promotes healing and increases your gifts of intuition. 

    Holly Eden Morrow, of Blu-Eden, is a natural intuitive, channel, and soul guide, who has traveled the world teaching BLU-E™. It is her joy to teach people how to access their gifts to create more passion and potential. Visit booth #3.

  • Sunday, 11:30AM - 12:20PM

    Your Story Sucks...The Happiness Right Out of You

    Marlborough Room • Carrie Rowan

    Uncover the limiting beliefs behind the stories you tell yourself and others that keep you from living the life you dream of. A unique combination of soul centered stories, harmonic songs and meditative wisdom will elevate you to recognize the stories that don't support your life and inspire you to rewrite a new and empowering one you can't wait to share.

    Carrie Rowan is a certified Strategic Intervention Empowerment Coach, author, Reiki master, edutainer and founder of Bee Kind Music Classes. She's also a singer/songwriter and co-founder of the award winning female duo Stefilia's Stone. Hear their heavenly harmonics on Saturday morning as they serenade the expo entrance from 8-9:15am. See booth #76.

  • Sunday, 12:00PM - 12:50PM

    The Magic of Herbal Adaptogens for Stress

    Sterling Room • Marie Frohlich

    Adaptogens are extraordinary plants, roots and mushrooms that help us adapt to the damaging effects of chronic stress. They help increase stamina and sooth the nervous system, keys for better sleep and daily vitality. The benefits and recipes on how to use these magical wonders will be shared.

    Marie Fröhlich, aka The Mushroom Lady, is a certified holistic health coach and herbalist, specializing in self-care and reducing stress. She uses a holistic and experiential approach to engage and inspire through individual and group coaching, workshops and organizational retreats. Visit booth #49.

  • Sunday, 12:00PM - 12:50PM

    The Divinity Within — Understanding Your Own Divinity

    Duchess Room • Jo Jayson

    We are told often by spiritual teachers that we are divine, magnificent souls. How does this awareness impact our three-dimensional, physical lives and how can we use this consciousness to radically shift any aspect of our lives? Explore what it means to be divine and human at the same time.

    British born, Jo Jayson is a self-taught painter, starting as a muralist in London. Author of the award-winning book Self-Love Through the Sacred Feminine, Jo has emerged as an internationally acclaimed intuitive artist and spiritual teacher, helping women worldwide find empowerment, healing and inspiration. Visit booth #707.

  • Sunday, 12:00PM - 12:50PM

    Emotional Healing Creates Optimal Health

    Princess Room • Brenda Cobb

    When emotional stuff gets stuck in the cells it can create disease and illness. Learn what to do to heal even the most deep-seeded emotions and how to heal on every level so you can realize your full potential and live a prosperous and happy life.

    Brenda Cobb, founder of the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, GA, healed her cancer without surgery or drugs using organic, raw living foods, detoxification and emotional healing. Her Healthy Lifestyle Program has helped thousands of people heal all types of diseases. Visit booths #903 & 905.

  • Sunday, 12:00PM - 12:50PM

    What Is Iridology?

    Seminar Room • Sunshine Beeson

    Viewing live iris slides, attendees will gain an understanding of the vast amount of information one can see within the iris of the eye pertaining to every physical organ in the body, as well as hereditary indications. This information shows a blueprint for optimal health of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual domains.

    Sunshine Beeson is an iridologist and holistic health coach in Carlisle, MA, who has studied many healing modalities including nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy, alchemical hypnotherapy, emotional release work and counseling, just to name a few. She also leads spiritual retreats for women. Visit booth #718.

  • Sunday, 2:00PM - 2:50PM

    Past Life Regression

    Salon A • Katie Malloy Ramaci

    Discover the benefits from knowing where you’ve been, how you lived and what you are here to learn by experiencing a past life regression. Utilizing hypnosis, we will take a guided journey to uncover patterns, understand relationships, heal issues and gain insight into your present life’s path. Explore your past to better understand your present.

    Katie Malloy Ramaci, CHT, is an advanced hypnotherapist and certified master instructor with the Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT). She is a powerful healing professional experienced in many energy modalities, crystal healing, shamanism and much more. Katie is the owner, director and master instructor of Women of Wisdom. Visit booths #820 & 919

  • Sunday, 2:00PM - 2:50PM

    Managing Stress and Sleeping Well with Ayurveda

    Salon B • Vasudha Gupta

    Ayurveda is a 6000-year-old science followed by over 1 billion people worldwide to manage their health. Learn to access the success of Ayurveda’s simple herbs and remedies that will help you wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed throughout the day.

    Vasudha Gupta is an Ayurvedic physician and master pulse reader, wherein she reads the energy of the body’s pulse to determine the imbalances giving rise to symptoms. She founded American Ayurveda with the aim to help people find qualified and authentic Ayurvedic guidance and products. Visit booth #313.

  • Sunday, 2:00PM - 2:50PM

    How Animal Companions Enhance Our Intuition

    Salon C • Carolyn McGee

    We are all born with the gift of inner wisdom. When we cannot connect to divine guidance and our own body’s insight, our pets can help us. Learn how to tap into their energy to enhance your own intuition.

    Carolyn McGee has cared for and connected with thousands of animals over her 10+ years in the pet care industry. She uses animal communication, intuition, and divine guidance to facilitate deep healing in people and their animals. She is a Reiki Master specializing in pets and the people that love them. Visit booth #1113.

  • Sunday, 2:00PM - 4:00PM

    Waking Up In Winter — Searching for What Really Matters at Midlife

    Salon D — 2 Hour ($35 Ticket Required) • Cheryl Richardson

    For the past twenty years, Cheryl Richardson has dedicated her personal and professional life to the importance of self-care by teaching from her own experience. How do you weather a time of transition and change? Where do you find the courage and strength to release what no longer works and welcome in something new? Cheryl shares the practical tools and resources she uses in caring deeply for herself, in the hopes that it helps you to improve your own life. Read more about this special Keynote Event Here.

    Cheryl Richardson is a New York Times bestselling author of several books including her most recent book, Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really Matters at Midlife. Cheryl was also the team leader for the Lifestyle Makeover Series on the Oprah Winfrey Show and she accompanied Ms. Winfrey on the "Live Your Best Life" nationwide tour.

  • Sunday, 2:30PM - 3:20PM

    From Health To Enlightenment

    Marlborough Room • Cho Greenwater

    Becoming enlightened is actually a natural progression of being human. In this workshop explore Belly Button Healing, a simple healing tool to unblock the intestines and relax the body and mind. Learn from a Western and Eastern perspective why the health of the gut is so important and what you can do about it.

    Cho Greenwater has been working for 20 years as an instructor, healer and trainer with Body & Brain Yoga in Brookline, MA. He has guided thousands of people towards living a healthier life by helping them discover and improve their natural healing power. Visit booth #309.

  • Sunday, 2:30PM - 3:20PM

    Why Spleen Energy Is Essential to Weight Management

    Sterling Room • Julia Sun

    Learn how weight problems are rooted in the body’s energy systems, and how our fad diets, improper exercises, modern lifestyle, and current western beliefs about body weight damage Spleen energy and cause additional and long-term weight issues. Discover how to strengthen the Spleen and body to reach an ideal weight.

    Juila Sun is a passionate researcher and health consultant who has experienced both Eastern and Western systems of medicine and the use of holistic self-care for years. She shares her research through health consultations, books, training, energy healing and public speaking. Visit booth #75.

  • Sunday, 2:30PM - 3:20PM

    Meditation, Death and the Beyond: Medical and Mystical Perspectives

    Duchess Room • Matthew Raider, MD

    How are near death experiences related to meditation and mysticism? Why do NDEs resonate so powerfully within us? Hear the latest medical research and discover a simple natural method of connecting to the inner light. Experience a Jyoti meditation during this presentation.

    Dr. Matthew Raider is a national speaker and a contributing author to the book Meditation as Medication for the Soul by Rajinder Singh. A clinical physician, he is currently coordinating director for the Geriatric Teaching Program in Family Medicine at Middlesex Hospital in Connecticut. Visit booth #52.

  • Sunday, 2:30PM - 3:20PM

    Explore the Light of Creation from Within

    Princess Room • Aaron L. Singleton

    Explore the Adamantine/God Particle, the smallest particle of light that, when compressed, creates mass, produces Man-Woman. Through expanded consciousness we look beyond present-day science and enable our ability to access and work with the light of creation. Leave unworthiness at the door.

    Aaron L. Singleton, founder of The Energy of Life® integrative and intuitive healing process, is a master healer-teacher, visionary and inventor with 24+ years of experience in holistic health. Aaron is known for his amazing ability to work with multiple energy frequencies on hundreds of people simultaneously. Visit The Way To Balance booth #1002.

  • Sunday, 2:30PM - 3:20PM

    The Spiritual Bridge: Living in Two Worlds

    Seminar Room • Rosanne Romiglio

    When Rosanne’s ancestors called her to immerse herself in Native ceremonies after being raised a devout Catholic, she felt pulled in seemingly opposite directions by her heritage, which required her to center, balance and ground. Rosanne will share her story and insights discovered along this spiritual journey.

    Rosanne Romiglio’s ancestral heritage is a melding of Mik’maq, Malecite (Algonquin), Blackfoot, French Canadian and Italian. She is the owner and artist of Four Winds One Breath. The messages from her ancestors speak through her and her work, and are meant to open hearts to reconnect us to Mother Earth. Visit booth #803.

  • Sunday, 3:00PM - 3:50PM

    Nutrition Response Testing

    Salon A • Charlene Shalachman

    Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body by using the body’s reflexes to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health. The body can heal itself if we remove the toxins and give it the nutrients it needs to bring about healing naturally, exactly as nature intended.

    Charlene Shalachman is the owner of Natural Health Pathways in Sudbury, MA. She is Certified and Advanced Clinically Trained in Nutrition Response Testing and has a Masters in Human Nutrition. Visit booth #409.

  • Sunday, 3:00PM - 3:50PM

    The Eight Essentials to Optimal Health

    Salon B • Kristin Grayce McGary

    Learn how to avoid suffering, find relief from imbalances and dis-ease, and make informed choices by integrating the eight essentials to optimal health into your life. Discover practical tips that you can immediately implement into your daily life to live vibrantly.

    Kristin Grayce McGary, MAc, is an internationally recognized health and lifestyle alchemist, author and speaker, blending 20+ years of experience, education and wisdom with compassion to facilitate healing. She is an authority on autoimmunity, functional blood chemistry analysis, food as medicine and integrating mind, body and spirit in healthcare. Visit booth #615.

  • Sunday, 3:00PM - 3:50PM

    Navigating Your Life For Inner Peace

    Salon C • Michelle Howe

    Learn about intuition, energy and emotions — the journey of awakening — with unique tools and techniques that will allow you to enjoy greater levels of confidence, stability and fulfillment in your life. Enjoy a clearing session and meditation at the end of the talk.

    Michelle Howe is the founder of Empath Evolution, offering individual guidance, healing sessions, workshops and events that allow souls a space for new success in the world. Her intention is to empower each person to navigate beyond negativity and anxiety to full joy. Visit booth #507.

  • Sunday, 3:30PM - 4:20PM

    After Death Communication is Possible for You

    Marlborough Room • Rebecca Austill-Clausen

    After her brother’s death, Rebecca Austill-Clausen discovered she could communicate with him, and this woke up her life. Explore numerous resources and techniques to facilitate after-death communication for anyone willing to try.

    Rebecca Austill-Clausen is an occupational therapist, Reiki Master and author of Change Maker: How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life. She presents dynamic, interactive presentations on after-death communication nationwide. Rebecca has serviced over 100,000 OT clients and is honored to have introduced and taught Reiki at the annual OT professional conference since 2015. Visit booth #1118.

  • Sunday, 3:30PM - 4:20PM

    High Vibrational Blessing

    Sterling Room • Debee Boulanger

    This High Vibrational Blessing was channeled from Divine Source in 2018 to be clear and concise, easy to give and receive, potentially life changing. Allow the High Vibrational Blessing of love and light to fill your heart.

    Debee Boulanger, LMT, is the owner of the Abundant Wellness Center. During her journey of becoming a steward of Earth, she became a Druid in 2013, bringing new depth to her practice. She’s currently studying Peruvian shamanism as a way of returning to our roots living in harmony with the land, out of the head and into the heart. Visit booths #320 & 322.

  • Sunday, 3:30PM - 4:20PM

    Heal With Love

    Duchess Room • Lisa Natoli

    You can heal anything. Identify your symptoms and listen to the changes you need to make in your mind and in your life for radiant health. When you shut yourself off from love, sickness occurs. Release the inner light and allow healing to occur.

    Lisa Natoli is a teacher of A Course in Miracles, teaching people how to heal with love and work with the light of Christ to heal anything. When you change your thoughts and emotions to reflect love, healing occurs, as she discovered when she healed herself of an incurable autoimmune disease. Visit booth #814.

  • Sunday, 3:30PM - 4:20PM

    Build Your Emotional Strength

    Princess Room • Merrillyn Hener

    Emotions come and go so quickly, it can feel like we are on a roller coaster ride through life! Understanding emotion from a spiritual perspective allows us to grow our emotional resilience. Learn five easy steps to regain your emotional strength.

    Merrillyn Hener began her study and practice of Raja Yoga meditation in 2008 while living and working in Ethiopia. She has been studying and teaching this unique form of meditation for the last 11 years. She now serves as the Programs Director for Inner Space Meditation Center and Gallery in Cambridge MA. Visit booth #100.

  • Sunday, 3:30PM - 4:20PM

    Heal Your Pet and Yourself with Gemstones

    Seminar Room • Patricia Anastasia

    Pick a clearing gemstone on the way into the workshop and learn how to use this stone to clear unproductive, stagnant, and unhealthy energy from you and your pets. Animals communicate with energy. Discover how to keep the communication clear, balanced, and healthy.

    Patti Anastasia, RN, is a holistic nurse healer and owner of Anastasia’s Health Happenings in Amesbury, MA. Patti is a Holy Fire 2 Karuna Reiki Master, spiritual medium and animal communicator who does classes, events and individual healings for people and pets. Visit booth #916.

  • Sunday, 5:00PM

    Exhibit Hall Closes

    Save the Date for the 13th Annual Natural Living Expo, November 9-10, 2019 in Marlboro, MA.

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